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Maintenance and Repair Services

Maintenance and Repair Services

We provide technical support to our clients’ first line core crew to enable them to undertake routine maintenance with confidence. Specialist equipment maintenance can be carried out on a campaign basis, working with clients to effect maintenance system rationalization and cost savings. We respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected breakdowns that a client may incur, and have the ability to dispatch our service technicians.

Need a Repair?

Let’s face it — repairing or replacing your air conditioner can be a very costly and frustrating process. It’s not something you do often, so you don’t have a lot of experience to draw from. You can ask a family member or friends…but it’s likely they have not had a recent experience with a job like yours. Worse still, a small issue could get worse than it first started.

Air-Con Servicing

Our Services

  • Cleaning Air Filter, Front Panel & Cover
  • Checking, Deodorizing and Purifying Air Filter
  • Cleaning & Checking Indoor Evaporator Coil
  • Cleaning & Checking Indoor Drainage Tray
  • Vacuuming of Drainage System
  • Checking Fan Bearing and Lubrication (if necessary)
  • Checking Compressor Suction and Discharge Pressure
  • Same as Normal Cleaning
  • Applying Antibacterial Spray
  • Checking of Aircon Refrigerant Gas Top Up (chargeable, if necessary)
  • Tightening Electrical Contacts
  • Same as Chemical Cleaning (Non Dismantle)
  • Full Dismantle of Unit for Cleaning
  • Lubricates Fan Bearings to make sure the unit operates quietly without producing any noise
  • Checks Thermostats and Controls of the unit
  • Cleans Pipes, Blower Wheel and Drain Pans with appropriate chemicals
  • Cleans Fan Evaporator Coil to facilitate smooth transfer of heat without the build up of dust and grime
  • Replaces Faulty Bearings and eliminates operational noise

To ensure that you can truly enjoy the coolest and freshest indoor environment with our air-con refrigerant gas top up service.

There are 2 most common type of air-con refrigerant gas.

  • R22
  • R410A
air-con gas top up r22 vs r410a

How to tell which gas that I am using?

Look the bottom of the air-con split unit. There is a label.

air-con bottom
air-con bottom - label