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Air-Conditioner Servicing

from $20 per unit

air conditioner servicing

Air-Conditioner Servicing

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Our Story

God has bestowed to us a pair of complete and functional hands. We are grateful and thankful for the heavenly gifts. In order to glorify and honor God’s name, we have to work hard to create value for others and to help others to solve their problems. Thus, Making Life Better.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves as on a one stop shop that is able to meet all of our client’s needs.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of installation & maintenance air-conditioning services, on schedule, and on budget along with outstanding customer service.

We understand that time and cost are crucial, so we strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

For our customers peace of mind, we offer cost effective services and maintenance contracts.

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Air Con brands found in Singapore

Sale of new Air-Conditioners

To help to get the suitable cooling solutions for your home or office, we can provide expert insight advice on which brand and model to buy.


Maintenance Services for Air-Conditioners

It is a fact that Singapore weather can get very unbearably hot. We want our home and office environment to be conducive as possible. With rising energy costs, we would need to have the most cost effective cooling system. Therefore, it is important that we need to pay extra attention to maintain and service the air-conditioners, so that they can function optimally well.

We have vast experience in the air conditioning industry. We believe in quality customer service.

We are here when you need us to service both your residential and commercial properties!



New Units Installed


Units Serviced


Less Energy Used

Our Services (excluding Transport Fees - See Below)

Normal Cleaning
$ 20
  • Duration : 20-25 mins per mins
*rates are subject to change
Gas Top - R22
  • Duration : 30 mins
  • Basic Professional Fees : $30
  • Gas Top-Up Amount : $6 per 10psi (max 80psi or $48)
*rates are subject to change
Chemical Cleaning (Non-Dismantle)
$ 60
  • Without Dismantle
  • Faster Chemical Cleaning
  • Duration : 40-45 mins per mins
*rates are subject to change
Gas Top - R410A
  • Duration : 30 mins
  • Basic Professional Fee : $30
  • Gas Top-Up Amount : $8 per 10psi (max 150psi or $120)
*rates are subject to change
Chemical Overhaul Cleaning (Dismantle)
$ 100
  • With Dismantle
  • Cleaner Chemical Cleaning
  • Duration : 60-70 mins per mins
*rates are subject to change
Troubleshooting - Standard
$ 25
  • Duration : 30 mins
*rates are subject to change

Our Transport Fees

To keep our prices competitively low, we had to devise a simple way to charge our customer fairly.

It is divided into 5 regions.

The first 2 numbers are the number of your postal code.

For example,

If you are staying in Canberra Drive and your postal code is 768103.

You belong to Region 5 and the Transport Fee is $40

Region 1
$ 10
  • 15xxxx
Region 2
$ 15
  • 09xxxx - 16xxxx
  • 20xxxx - 21xxxx
  • 24xxxx - 44xxxx
Region 3 (City Business District)
$ 20
  • 01xxxx - 08xxxx
  • 17xxxx - 19xxxx
  • 22xxxx - 23xxxx
Region 4
$ 25
  • 45xxxx - 47xxxx
  • 53xxxx - 57xxxx
  • 60xxxx - 61xxxx
  • 64xxxx - 68xxxx
  • 77xxxx - 78xxxx
  • 80xxxxx
Region 5
$ 30
  • 49xxxx - 52xxxx
  • 62xxxx - 63xxxx
  • 69xxxx - 79xxxx
  • 81xxxx - 83xxxx
air conditioner servicing - open cover - water tray

Bryan Lo

Jalan Bukit Merah

I have impressed by the level of service by an air-on service company in Singapore. The engineers were well-mannered and professional. They took some time to explain their works and shared some useful tips with us.

Air Con Compressor unit

Andrew Yong

Pasir Ris

We have used Zoom Hands for a few times now. They set up appointments promptly, show up when they are supposed to, and do excellent work. I would highly recommend Zoom Hands! They also did a good job with my air-con compressors.

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